• The New MTX-R

    The New MTX-R

  • 40 Years. One Goal

    40 Years. One Goal

  • Technical Diving by Apeks

    Technical Diving by Apeks

  • Technically Inspired

    Technically Inspired

  • Any Diving Condition

    Any Diving Condition

  • For all Divers

    For all Divers

Apeks Diving Equipment


WTX-D18 System Package

Single cylinder wings, often referred...

RM 3954.00 + 6% GST

WTX-D30 PSD System Package

The WTX and WTX-D Series is a selection...

RM 4164.00 + 6% GST

WTX-D40 PSD System Package

Designed for public safety divers but...

RM 4254.00 + 6% GST

WSX-25 Sidemount Harness

Brand new from Apeks comes the WSX-25...

RM 3999.00 + 6% GST
RM 2799.00 + 6% GST

WTX Deluxe Harness

The WTX and WTX-D Series is a selection...

RM 1999.00 + 6% GST

Black Ice

The Apeks Black Ice is a rugged,...

RM 3799.00 + 6% GST

WTX Tek Thigh Pocket

A full range of Tek pockets have been...

RM 249.00 + 6% GST

WTX Tek Large Cargo Pocket

The Large Cargo Pocket has bellow...

RM 209.00 + 6% GST

WTX Tek Small Cargo Pocket

The Small Cargo Pocket can be fit to...

RM 169.00 + 6% GST

WTX Tek Mesh Pocket

The Mesh Pocket can be fit to the front...

RM 139.00 + 6% GST