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    The New MTX-R

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    40 Years. One Goal

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Apeks Diving Equipment


WTX-D30 PSD System Package

The WTX and WTX-D Series is a selection of harnesses, buoyancy cells and accessories which offer unparalleled versatility due to the modular nature of the whole system. Each component can be configured into a highly technical rig for those trained to push the limits, or scaled down to make a travel friendly set up suitable for any diver.

Apeks single cylinder wings are a smart design that allows a cylinder to nest deep inside them. These wings mate up nicely to the rest of the Apeks WTX collection of high quality harnesses, plates and accessories. They can be configured in multiple ways to match the type of diving that you do. As with the rest of the WTX collection, these single cylinder wings are built from the finest quality materials. They are designed by Apeks and built in our own factory.

RM 4164.00 + 6% GST
RM 2499.00 + 6% GST

WTX-D30 PSD System Package includes:

  1.     Apeks WTX-D30 PSD Wing

  2.     Apeks Deluxe Web Harness

  3.     Apeks WTX Aluminum Backplate

  4.     2 x Apeks Book Screws

  5.     2 x Apeks GripLock Tank Bands

Features for each:

1. WTX-D 30PSD Wing

  • Armoguard exterior

    • More abrasion resistant than Cordura®
    • Fast-drying
    • When it doesn’t get rinsed, it won’t smell or pick up bacterial growth
    • The airway uses an 18” round spiral hose and has a rapid exhaust dump valve aka a cable pull dump
  • Lift Capacity (lbs/N) - 30 lbs

  • Inflator:

    • K style with brass buttons
    • Low profile 16” oval-shaped hose
    • Safety cable to prevent hyper-extension
    • Positioned off-center so as not to interfere with regulator 1st stage

  • Dump Valve

    • Low profile flat valve
    • Positioned in front, lower-left side

  • Tank Stabilizer Bars

  • Drains

    • 2 large drain grommets
    • Center mesh drain panel

  • Materials

    • Exterior: Armoguard slick skin
    • Inner air cell: 22mil (.022) thick black urethane
    • Zipper: heavy duty YKK #10 plastic zip and slide

2. Deluxe 1 piece Webbed Harness 

  • 12ft. of solid 2” (5cm) webbing with center grommet

  • 2” (5cm) wide crotch strap

  • 6 stainless 2” (5cm) D-rings

  • Includes neoprene shoulder protectors

  • 2 elastic retaining loops on shoulders and one on crotch strap

  • Heavy duty stainless waist buckle

  • 6 stainless serrated retainers

3.WTX Aluminum Back Plate

  • 6061 anodized aluminum alloy

  • The aluminum weighs approx 1 lb 11oz (753g)

  • 4 each upper and lower slots accommodate nylon cylinder bands so a single cylinder can be strapped directly to the plate. Having a series of 4 slots provides lateral stability of the cylinder that traditional 2 slot plates cannot

  • 3 holes at the top of the plate offer a range of height adjustments for the buoyancy cells and the cylinders. In addition, a corresponding lower center slot allows for lower band bolts that are misaligned

  • 2” wide crotch strap slot

  • Upper and lower perimeter holes along either side and holes along the bottom allow for the mounting of accessories

  • Electro-plate finish and a laser-etched

  • Apeks logo to enhance the look of the plate

4. Stainless Steel Book Screws


  • Used to attach a wing to a back plate

  • 3/4” length. 

  • These versatile screws are also smart to carry in your save-a-dive kit

5. GripLock™Tank Bands (x 2)

The GripLock™ tank band assembly is the easy and safe solution for securing a cylinder to a BC. With its pat pend Finger-Saver feature and macro presets, it solves many of the common problems associated with metal cam buckles.

  • Innovative Finger-Saver feature (pat. pend.) makes the GripLock™ safe by eliminating painful, pinched fingers.

  • The macro-adjustment is set just once until you change to a cylinder with a different diameter. Three presets cover the various diameter cylinders in the field today.

  • The micro-adjustment can be used for fine-tuning the fit after the band is on the cylinder. Hint: If you line up the inside edges of the hook n loop on the micro adjustment side of the tank band, it will be perfectly set for an Al80 cylinder.

  • Rubber traction pad on the backside of the GripLock™ provides added security

Optional SureLock II Weight System

Optional Internal Retractor

Warranty: Limited Lifetime