• New XL4+

    New XL4+

  • 40 Years. One Goal

    40 Years. One Goal

  • Technical Diving by Apeks

    Technical Diving by Apeks

  • Technically Inspired

    Technically Inspired

  • Any Diving Condition

    Any Diving Condition

  • For all Divers

    For all Divers

Apeks Diving Equipment


Apeks Tech SPG

Apeks instruments supply clear and...

RM 419.00
RM 299.00

Apeks SPG/ Depth/ Compass

All Apeks instruments give accurate,...

RM 1,290.00
RM 899.00

Apeks SPG/ Depth

The 2-gauge console combines a...

RM 1,099.00
RM 739.00

Apeks SPG/ Compass

Apeks’ range of quality, accurate and...

RM 909.00
RM 609.00

Apeks SPG

The Apeks submersible pressure...

RM 539.00
RM 369.00

Apeks Oxygen SPG

Apeks offers a high quality O2 pressure...

RM 599.00
RM 409.00