• New XL4+

    New XL4+

  • 40 Years. One Goal

    40 Years. One Goal

  • Technical Diving by Apeks

    Technical Diving by Apeks

  • Technically Inspired

    Technically Inspired

  • Any Diving Condition

    Any Diving Condition

  • For all Divers

    For all Divers

Apeks Diving Equipment


Apeks Tech SPG

Apeks instruments supply clear and accurate information on your dive status. Our instruments are tested beyond normal dive limits to ensure they provide this precise
information for all your dive experiences. Strong, easy to maintain housings provide years of trouble free service. You can be assured of the quality/finish of all your
Apeks equipment. Our gauges are designed and finished at our UK factory ensuring that every aspect reflects our commitment to quality. The gauges are stylish and fit perfectly with other products in the Apeks range, such as
our world famous regulators.


  • The slim-line gauge is made from nickel plated brass

  • The dial range is from 0 to 360 bar

  • Uncluttered, with large figures on a luminous background giving a long phosphorescent effect

  • Made with O² compatible materials but be sure to O² clean before use with high percentage oxygen

  • The dial window is made of highly shock resistant material (anti-splinter Polycarbonate) to protect your gauge

  • Over pressure relief fitted in the back

    Note: Excludes hose