• New XL4+

    New XL4+

  • 40 Years. One Goal

    40 Years. One Goal

  • Technical Diving by Apeks

    Technical Diving by Apeks

  • Technically Inspired

    Technically Inspired

  • Any Diving Condition

    Any Diving Condition

  • For all Divers

    For all Divers

Apeks Diving Equipment


MTX-R Sidemount Set

The MTX-R sidemount set is a Super...

RM 7,199.00

Sidemount Regulator Kit

As the popularity of sidemount diving...

RM 6,099.00

Apeks Tek 3 Twin Set

Apeks has developed unique first stages...

RM 5,199.00

MTX-R Regulator + MTX-R Octopus

The new MTX-R is based on the MTX, a...

RM 4,199.00

XTX Tungsten Swivel

The XTX Tungsten is built on the XTX200...

RM 3,499.00


The XTX 200 is second only to the XTX...

RM 2,999.00


Sharing the same technical features...

RM 2,799.00


The XTX50 is for the discerning diver...

RM 2,599.00


Although the XTX40 is a mid-range Apeks...

RM 2,399.00


The Apeks XL4+ is a compact lightweight...

RM 2,399.00


The Flight Regulator from Apeks is the...

RM 2,990.00

Flight Twilight

The Flight Regulator from Apeks is the...

RM 2,990.00

Flight Pink Candy

Limited Color option! The Flight...

RM 3,099.00

5-Port Upgrade Kit (XTX200 & XTX100)

This kit is only suitable for the...

RM 159.00

5th Port Upgrade (XTX50 & XTX40)

This kit is suitable for the XTX50 &...

RM 129.00

XTX DIN Adaptor Unit 300 Bar

Conversion Kit for Apeks Yoke to DIN

RM 299.00

DIN to Yoke/ INT Adaptor

The DIN-to-Yoke converter allows a...

RM 349.00