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    The New MTX-R

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    40 Years. One Goal

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Freeflow Control Device

Regulators not designed for cold water use are especially prone to freezing. Our simple yet extremely effective Freeflow Control Device (FCD) contributes a significant advance in diver safety. In the event of second stage freezing, free-flow can cause catastrophic loss of air.

With the FCD fitted to your regulator, a simple sliding action allows the diver to isolate the free-flowing second stage and continue the dive using a secondary air source or alternatively, the diver can manually control the air flow allowing a safe ascent to the surface.

Features and use:

  • Isolates free-flowing second stages

  • Guards against unexpected air loss

  • Improves diver safety

  • Gives total control of a frozen second stage

  • Fits any second stage with standard hose fitting

  • Designed to fit all regulators that use the standard 9/16" UNF hose fitting.