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Aqua Lung Diving Equipment



DiverLog is a best-in-class digital log book to record and share all of your dive information.

Never again wonder where you saw that pod of spinner dolphins, or wish you had still that dive buddy’s contact information, or wonder what weight you’d used on your last dive. It’s all captured in DiverLog. And your Aqua Lung dive computer is all set to easily sync and upload your information. And just for the i750T, its Bluetooth Smart technology allows all of this to happen instantaneously with your mobile device right to your App—even while you are still on the dive boat! It’s a great opportunity to analyze and share your dive right in the moment.




  • Share your dive experience with your friends using the social sharing feature (Facebook, Twitter, Google+)

  • Record all of the important information of your dive, helping you refine you next dive

  • Remember those dive memories forever—by keeping your photos, YouTube videos, and notes from your dives

  • Map the globe with your dive sites

  • Stay connected with your dive buddies, with a record of your dive buddies and their contact information

  • Record all of your dive data, including dive gear, tank types and sizes, dive modes, elapsed dive times, no deco times and even your dive computer settings

  • Simulate your dives in real time

  • View dive data in graph or tabular format

  • Search your log using DiverLog’s powerful query feature

  • Manage your computer settings and firmwear updates

  • Export your dives in DL7 standard format

  • Secure your data with DiveCloud storage

  • Note your personal data including medical and certification information

i750’s Bluetooth Smart—Additional capabilities and benefits

  • Instantly sync your dive data to your mobile device (iOS or Android platforms)

  • Immediately share your photos & YouTube videos via your social media accounts

  • Easily update of your dive computer settings & firmware

  • Automatically record the location of your dives, based on your mobile device’s GPS locator

Other details

  • Mobile DiverLog app (for i750T)

    • Find in the App Store and in Google Play as “DiverLog by Pelagic Pressure Systems”

    • Works for iOS 6.x or higher and Android OS 4.3x or higher

  • Desktop DiverLog (for all i550, i450T, and i300 models)Find out more information at ediverlog.com

    • Works for Mac OS X 10.7.x or higher

    • PC platform available January 2016

    Find out more information at ediverlog.com