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Aqua Lung Diving Equipment


Legend LUX ACD

When you dive with a Legend, you’re...

RM 4,699.00

Legend LX ACD Twilight

A top-of–the line, fully adjustable...

RM 3,499.00

Legend LX ACD

If you want the same high performance...

RM 3,199.00

Legend ACD

The Legend shares the same features and...

RM 2,699.00

Mikron ACD + Mikron Octopus

Now with ACD!! The Mikron is the...

RM 2,999.00

Core ACD + Core Octopus

The CORE regulator’s amazing breathing,...

RM 2,599.00

Titan 2017

The third-generation Titan regulator...

RM 1,699.00

Calypso 2017

The reliable, robust and refreshed...

RM 1,199.00