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Aqua Lung Diving Equipment



Incorporating all the best features of its predecessors, this third generation Titan has innovative features resulting in a more comfortable, lighter-weight and easier-breathing regulator. For the consumer that wants performance at an affordable price to the dive center that wants a rugged and easy to maintain regulator, the Titan delivers.

First Stage:

  • Uses a balanced-diaphragm mechanism resulting in ease-of-breathing and consistent performance while environmentally protecting the internal parts

  • The first stage is T-shaped as opposed to its in-line predecessor making it more compact and providing optimal hose routings

  • Features 2 HP ports and 4 MP ports

  • The unique, forged body of the first stage uses less brass making it more compact and lighter weight

  • The outer skin provides impact protection as well as a cosmetic flair

  • Uses a conical filter for better filtration

  • Accepts an optional add-on ACD (auto-closure device) system

  • Improved yoke screw eliminates trapped water

  • Compatible with EAN 40 new, out of the box

Second Stage:

  • Mid-size, high performance demand valve second stage

  • Easy-to-grip venturi knob stops unwanted freeflow when the regulator is out of your mouth

  • Comes with Aqua Lung’s Comfo-Bite™ mouthpiece which reduces jaw fatigue

  • A grid built into the exhaust tee creates finer exhaust bubbles for less noise and more stability

  • Easy purge front cover

  • A reinforced polycarbonate material makes this second stage stronger than its predecessor

  • The side openings on the front cover prevent freeflow when facing into currents or riding a scooter


Medium pressure

Standard 9.5 bar +/- 0.5 bar; Supreme 8.5 +/- 0.5 bar

Number of HP ports


Number of MP ports


Auto Closure Device

Optional add-on

Flow rate

1450 ltr per min @ 200 bar

First stage exterior

Chrome over marine brass

Filter type

Conical, sintered bronze



Type of second stage

Demand valve


Venturi switch




Right Hand

Overall work of breathing (WOB) scores

Avg. 0.89 joules/liter @ CE parameters

Nitrox compatible

Yes to 40% O2 when new, out of the box


EN250 approved, water temp > 10°C