Frog Diving Equipment


Zippered Tech Pockets

Slides onto the harness waistband to provide extra storage. Ideal for when using a wet or dry suit without thigh pockets.

Perfect for travel, complete with rollout inside.

Ideal for SMB storage or when you might be using Frogs Zippered Tech Pockets wet or dry suits without thigh pockets

Made from 1680 Denier Nylon

Heavy duty YKK zipper enclosure

Slides into the Secure Harness strap; rigid ABD- reinforced plate that holds pocket shape during a dive

  • This pocket can also be used to secure a long hose of your first stage when not using a canister light

  • Straight D- Ring enclosed to secure connection point of your storing

  • Heavy duty mesh at bottom ensures self draining


Besides referring to a variety of familiar amphibian, 'frog' is also an abbreviation of 'frogman', the colloquial term for WWII divers. It was their job to scout the beach area before the Navy arrived, checking water depths and destroying potential obstruction.

The work was dangerous, and good quality equipment was essential. Today, Frog manufacturers high quality world class dive equipment. Frog products are made with the only the best material to deliver reliability, at an affordable price.